KITCHENER, ON, May 25, 2021 /CNW/ – Xcite Technologies, Inc., led industry veterans by Bill Roberts, CEO, Xcite Technologies, and Erik Dowell, CEO Aesthetic Management Partners. (AMP), is excited to announce their recent partnership. Xcite, an Ontario-based innovator in energy-based technologies for Canadian aesthetic practices, physicians, and medical spas, has partnered with AMP in Western Canada.

AMP strengthens Xcite’s presence in Western Canada. Together, they will introduce solutions that will help aesthetic practices continue to provide new procedures with its carefully curated innovative technologies and clinical support leading to excellent clinical outcomes.

“AMP is excited to work with Xcite Technologies in Canada,” says Dave Tupniak, Sales Director for AMP Canada. “Their diverse range of devices, talented team, and dedication to what they do will make for a great partnership for years to come.”

Xcite, likewise, is energized by the potential for growth presented by this partnership. “We welcome opportunities to better serve our customers by increasing the accessibility of our products for Western Canada,” says an Xcite Sales Director Erin Mclean. “AMP has an outstanding track record in bringing profitable and highly effective solutions to its customers throughout the US. We’re excited to work with Xcite Technologies so we can help provide the same level of innovation to our customers in Western Canada,” says AMP Canada Director Dave Tupniak. The partnership will deliver solutions to the Canadian Aesthetic market to help their Medical Aesthetic customers provide exciting, innovative, and highly demanded solutions to their clients with zero downtime.

About Xcite: Xcite Technologies offers an extensive range of energy-based technologies to Canadian aesthetic practices, physicians, and medical spas. Their product range has been globally sourced to provide practitioners with the most advanced aesthetics equipment and options on the market. Xcite is committed to helping Canadian aestheticians and physicians grow their practices and create new revenue-generating opportunities.

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About AMP: Aesthetic Management Partners (AMP) is a technology incubator for physicians looking to add cash-based services to their practice. The firm provides a comprehensive ecosystem of business support to help physicians grow their business and overcome declining insurance reimbursements. Physicians gain access to carefully curated product lines, comprehensive marketing support, and a network of key like-minded physicians to help their practice provide great results for their patients.

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